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Necros' scene modules in mod, s3m, xm, it formats.
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Sort 1997 Amber Poison co-op with Jeroen Tel (Wave). 1997 Dirty Walk from musicdisk "System". 
distant3.xm 1997 Distant Lullaby 3 from demo "Stoneage Fiction". 1997 Dreaming in Green from musicdisk "System". 
ice_frontier.s3m 1997 Ice Frontier (remix) remix of Skaven's "Ice Frontier". From musicdisk "Future Crew Tribute". 1997 Martian Lovesong rated in Music Contest 5 (veteran entry). 2nd place. Later re-released on Cipher album by The Alpha Conspiracy. 1997 MindSpring from musicdisk "System". 
motion_blur.s3m 1997 Motion Blur for the Wired'97 invitation intro. 1997 Orchard Street text says it's one of the last tunes for the scene. 1997 Paranoid Android remix of Radiohead's original from album "Ok Computer". From musicdisk "System". 1997 River Boat from musicdisk "System". 1997 Silent Night from musicdisk "System". 
wired96r.s3m 1997 Wired96 Party Report for Wired'96 party report. 
babylon.s3m 1996 Babylon  
cloud_city.s3m 1996 Cloud City from "Blah compo". 
energia.s3m 1996 Energia  
mechanism_eight.s3m 1996 Mechanism 8 1996 Paskaa  
revelation.s3m 1996 Revelation 1996 Shadow Caster remix of Orbital's "The Girl with the Sun in Her Head". 1996 Tangerine Fascination rated in Music Contest 4 (veteran entry). 2nd place. 1996 Winter's Dream  
ascent_of_the_cloud_eagle.s3m 1995 Ascent of the Cloud Eagle rated in NAID95 compo. 1st place. 
collage.s3m 1995 Collage from musicdisk "Progression". 
crossing.s3m 1995 Crossing from musicdisk "Progression". Also rated in Music Contest 3 (veteran entry). 2nd place. 
december.s3m 1995 December  
eden.s3m 1995 Eden  
escape.s3m 1995 Escape from In Pursuit of Greed (video game). 
escape(remix).s3m 1995 Escape (modified) from In Pursuit of Greed (video game). Modified by NeilO: I chopped out all the breaks between the patterns to make it one big song that any MOD player could use. 
feedback.s3m 1995 Feedback  
gateway.s3m 1995 Gateway for the Wired95 demo 'just' by Legend Design. 
hypercontrol_v3.s3m 1995 HyperControl v3.0 from musicdisk "Epidemic" (compiled of various artists songs). 
introspection.s3m 1995 Introspection rather cool song. :) 
isotoxin.s3m 1995 Isotoxin from musicdisk "Progression". Later included in Unreal game. 
metroplex.s3m 1995 Metroplex from musicdisk "Progression". 
on_the_rocks.mod 1995 On The Rocks  
particle_control.s3m 1995 Particle Control from "In Pursuit of Greed" (video game). 
point_of_departure.s3m 1995 Point of Departure for musicdisk "Progression". 
realization_2.s3m 1995 Realization 2  
santurian_dreaming.mod 1995 Santurian Dreaming for the Imphobia diskmag. 
search_for_the_lost_riff.s3m 1995 Search for the Lost Riff co-op with Basehead. 
skyscraper(remix).s3m 1995 Skyscraper, I Love You remix of Underworld's original. 
temple_of_the_ethereal.s3m 1995 Temple of the Ethereal for "In Pursuit of Greed" (video game). 
grey_note.s3m 1995 The Greynote from musicdisk "Progression". 
arcadia.s3m 1994 Arcadia wait for the ending. 
atomic_power.mod 1994 Atomic Power  
castle_of_the_mists.mod 1994 Castle of the Mists  
click.s3m 1994 Click  
crew_communications.mod 1994 Crew Communications from IronSeed (video game). 
crew_evaluation.mod 1994 Crew Evaluation from IronSeed (video game). 
dimension2012.mod 1994 Dimension 2012 remix of this song exists, 1995, included in Crusader game. 
eternity.mod 1994 Eternity  
ice_river_v4.mod 1994 Ice River v4.0  
infinity.mod 1994 Infinity co-op with Khyron. Rated in Assembly'94 compo. 
midnight.s3m 1994 Midnight  
mysticism.s3m 1994 Mysticism  
penetrating_light.s3m 1994 Penetrating Light for musicdisk "Damage". 
possession.s3m 1994 Possession remix of Sarah McLachlan's original from the album "Fumbling Towards Ecstacy". 
realization.s3m 1994 Realization  
shadow_of_the_mind.s3m 1994 Shadow of the Mind  
vision.mod 1994 Vision for The Party'94 party report. 
orbital_delusions.mod 1993 Orbital Delusions  
orbital_delusions2.mod 1993 Orbital Delusions II  
passages.mod 1993 Passages  
starlit_deception.mod 1993 Starlit Deception  
distance.s3m Distance  
melancholy.s3m Melancholy  
vocalization.s3m Vocalization  
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